Battlefly: Rarity Guide

Who knew there were different rarities of BattleFlys!

Rarity will give you a smol edge against your foes, in some cases, that maybe just what you need to win that extra little RNG!

Table of Contents

Rarity Table

Starting in Season 2, each rarity tier offers different perks including the number of trait bonuses that can be selected upon leveling up on the XP track in addition to free Mod packs at the start of each season. Traits are awarded every 4 levels up to a maximum of 6 traits at Level 24.

RarityTrait ChoicesFree Mod PacksHow many exist?
Common2016,491 (55%)
Uncommon305,888 (20%)
Rare41900 (3%)
Epic5367 (0.2%)
Legendary6544 (0.15%)
Artifact6 1510 (0.03%)

Trait Pool

Starting in Season 2, the number of traits are expanding to 30+. (insert the number of BattleFly to view)

+3% Critical Chance
+3% Evasion
+2 Armor
+6% HP
+0.4% HP regen / second
+25 Shield
+2% Shield regen / second
-3% Weapon Reload Speed
+3% Weapon Damage (Universal)
+5% Kinetic Damage
+5% Energy Damage
+5% Electric Damage
+5% Fusion Damage
+5% Missle Damage
+20% Critical Resist
+20% Critical Damage
+20% Freeze & EMP Resist
+5% Evasion vs. Kinetic
+5% Evasion vs. Energy
+5% Evasion vs. Missile
+5% Evasion vs. Electric
+5% Evasion vs. Fusion

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