Battlefly: Starter Guide

Welcome newbFly! Either kill or be killed! Much PvP, should that be your thing, there are so much weapons to choose from, make luncheon meat of enemies, bake them with microwaves! So many possibilities.

Try not to lose too much though!

Pointers to remember

  • Rarer Battleflies come with better “traits” (passive +3% reload speed, or +20% Critical DMG)
  • No Battlefly is unbeatable, you can stomp legendaries or the King of the Hill with the right gear.
  • Commensurately, you gain higher ranking scores from beating better-equipped flies.
  • Top 1% Battleflies of each ladder ranking earn $MAGIC every 24-hours!
  • Nectar can be burned for re-rolls / buffs to increase scavenge rarity & types!

Game loop overview

  • Win = +0.09 MAGIC (Treasury takes 0.01)
  • Lose = +2 Nectar
  • Each win increases the CP score which accordingly increases your ladder ranking.
  • Beating better equipped BattleFlys also gives commensurately higher CP.

How to Battle?

  • Grab a Battlefly on Trove
  • On the top left corner, enter “The Rift”
  • Stake your Battlefly & 5 MAGIC (don’t worry, you get it back if you unstake)
  • Press Enter at the main site which should bring you to “Mission Control” & add the MAGIC you want to wager in battle
  • Click your BattleFly image & hit “Battle Now” Full send to their likely demise.

How to Gacha / Equip Mods?

  • For Gacha, click Scavenge Mods (will burn 5 MAGIC credits)
  • Click on the mod you want to keep and click “Keep Me”, or just click reroll mods / upgrade mod rarity to burn Nectar.
  • Add Mods and just choose a slot (or replace an existing slot item).
  • Click “Change Loadout”
  • Select Mods 1/2/3/4 (1 & 2 are weapons, 3 is defense, 4 is utility) and choose loadout & save.
  • Send them to die all the same!

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