Lightning Probe (Electric)

What does it do?

Looks like high deeps huh? It works pretty much against any Battlefly that doesn’t have a shield (not many)

The good news? This is a very effective hard-counter against specific apex Battlefly builds (Think armor, big HP regen…etc.)

Should you ever want to see Apex Flys hit like wet n00dles, get that T5 for a 15% DMG debuff!

NameRarityDPSTotal DMGDMG per shotShots FiredReload (sec)Effect
Lightning Probe ICommon22.54522.522-50% damage to shields
Lightning Probe IIUncommon27.55527.522-40% damage to shields
Lightning Probe IIIRare32.56532.522-30% damage to shields
Lightning Probe IVEpic37.57537.522-30% damage to shields
Electroblast ZapperLegendary41.58542.522-30% damage to shields, reduce damage of opponent’s next attack by -12% damage

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