Mini Gun(Kinetic)

What does it do?

Reduced reload time but fixed DMG as it gains in rarity.

Reload time scaling is pretty nuts with exponential DPS increase – scales better with Weapon % increases.

No…more shots fired doesn’t proc more Cryo Ammo (sadge)

NameRarityDPSTotal DMGDMG per shotShots FiredReload (sec)Effect
Mini GunCore57.55.7510+25% damage to shields
Mini Gun ICommon16.4357.55.75103.5+25% damage to shields
Mini Gun IIUncommon19.17000000000000257.55.75103+25% damage to shields
Mini Gun IIIRare2357.55.75102.5+25% damage to shields
Mini Gun IVEpic28.7557.55.75102+25% damage to shields
Greased Gatling GatorLegendary32.8657.55.75101.75+30% damage to shields. +1% critical hit chance

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