Regenerative Nanobot (Utility)

What does it do?

You can apparently “over-HP” with this?!

Pair with some armor or shields and you got a high-regen Battlefly capable of outlasting your opponent.

NameRarityAdditional Effects
Regenerative Nanobot ICommonIncrease HP regeneration by 0.8% per second
Regenerative Nanobot IIUncommonIncrease HP regeneration by 1% per second
Regenerative Nanobot IIIRareIncrease HP regeneration by 1.2% per second
Regenerative Nanobot IVEpicIncrease HP regeneration by 1.4% per second & HP + 5%
Regenerative Nanobot VLegendaryIncrease HP regeneration by 1.6% per second, HP total can go beyond max. +10% HP

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